Last modified: Sun Jan 5 21:06:59 JST 2003

Asynchronous Virtual Meeting System

The advantage of asynchronous voice messaging systems, or voice mail systems, is that a user need not restrict the other user's time to send the message, and the message contains paralinguistic features such as intonation and emotion, which text data can not contain. To communicate efficiently with voice, however, we must take into an account the ill-formness and incrementality of the spontaneous speech. On the other hand, speech data is not visible in comparison with text or image data.

We propose an asynchronous voice messaging system, which records the listener's responses which overlap the original voice to make the conversation smoothly. It also visualizes the voice message using speech recognition. We investigated on the protocols and the user interfaces for detail.

Takuya NISHIMOTO, nishimoto [atmark]